Why Should You Choose India For Outsourcing Your Software Development?
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Why Should You Choose India For Outsourcing Your Software Development?

Posted By Praveen Joshi

June 10th, 2020

Why Should You Choose India For Outsourcing Your Software Development?

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In today’s business world, companies are transforming into digital-savvy establishments, irrespective of the nature of their industry. This trend has led to a massive increase in the demand for software solutions. With the proliferation of the market’s need for software development firms, India has proved to be a major offshore IT development hub for businesses across the world. Many companies based out of US and UK choose to outsource software development services. Despite receiving competition from other countries such as China, Mexico and Philippines, India has managed to remain at the top of the pile through its premium services and expanding talent pool. Some of the key differentiators include favourable government policies, rapidly developing infrastructure and a vigorous workforce that sees a tremendous growth rate of 25–30% per year.

Why should you consider investing in India?

The IT industry in India caters to the needs of businesses seeking services in the cloud, digital marketing, analytics, mobility programming and software development. A recent survey by Deloitte stated that out of the companies interviewed, 59% were already outsourcing their projects to India while 22% were considering it. Here are three very convincing reasons why you should consider India as an offshore outsourcing option:

Huge talent source:India’s dominance in offshore outsourcing is marked by its massive talent pool of software development agencies, developers and IT outsourcing company.. A whopping 3 million Indians work in the IT outsourcing industry alone. Every year, around 1.5 million engineers graduate of which around 2,00,000 graduates enter the Indian IT industry, contributing to the increase in the number of professionals who are trained in creating quality software. There is also an abundance of peripheral facilities and professionals with supporting skill set for software development, making India one of the most prolific IT resources in the globe. The workforce that India can provide as a software development hub is unmatched by any other country in the world. The diversity of talent you get helps in creating a very strong and versatile team of experts.

Low operational and labour costs: By outsourcing your software development to India, you will be reducing costs significantly. Indian firms achieve the economies of scale with highly-optimized development methods and cost-effective approaches. When it comes to operation costs, companies save a good sum as they do not have to assign personnel to oversee the project. Indians hold good leadership calibre and are quite autonomous and self-reliant during the development process. Additionally, companies do not have to invest in any infrastructure, thus cutting down operation costs furthermore.

Most companies in the US and UK find it quite challenging to source talent locally that is of good quality and affordable. Outsourcing to India helps you keep a hold on your spending. Software development provides affordable hourly rates due to the striking difference in personnel costs between India and the other developed countries.

“If you hired a full-time developer in the U.S., you would have to spend somewhere between $50 to $80 an hour whereas, in India, you have the option of paying 50% lower hourly rate for the same resources with zero compromises on quality.”

English language experience: English is undoubtedly the second language in India and a huge part of the population still resorts to regional languages for communication. Yet, India stands only second to the United States for housing the most number of English-speaking people in the world with 100 million English speakers. In fact, English is widely used as the common corporate language across the country. Since language is prevalent in education and business, most of the communication in the workplace takes place in English. English native speakers, thus, find it easy to converse with Indian professionals without worrying about miscommunication and other language barriers.

How RSK-BSL helps with outsourcing :

When it comes to choosing an agile software development company, the decision-making process can be quite overwhelming. The right service provider not only provides advanced services but also quality and affordable pricing options. RSK-BSL specializes in offshore product and software development services. We take leadership in what we do based on the three aspects mentioned below:

  1. Skilled team: Each and every developer in our team has more than five years of experience whereas the project managers are great communicators with expertise in handling global clients.
  2. Better ROI: RSK-BSL provides you with a development team that helps you achieve your project goals without having to spend on an in-house team, thus reducing costs and improving ROI.
  3. Diverse industry experience: Our teams have worked in a wide array of industries including manufacturing, media, transport and logistics. We have also worked with popular brands such as BBC and SIEMENS in the past.
  4. Agile project development: We are in constant communication with clients in order to develop bespoke software solutions that are in line with their requirements.

Given our experience, we understand how crucial software development is for a business. Hence, we provide only the most skilled professionals with extensive knowledge across various industries. If you plan to outsource your offshore software development services to India, take a look at our services here.

Praveen Joshi

Praveen is a seasoned IT Solutions Leader and Director at RSK Business Solutions, a technology-driven IT Consulting Company that specializes in Bespoke Software Development, Agile Consulting, Mobile App Development, Smart Sourcing, and much more. For the last 17 years, he has been delivering quality custom IT solutions that help businesses achieve their goals.

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