Cyber Security

Cyber security is a process to defend your computers, servers and devices from any malicious attacks. Cyber security deals with cyberattacks, cybercrime, and cyber-terrorism.

Cyber Security Cyber Security
AWS Security

AWS Ensures Secure, Reliable Cloud Computing

AWS gives you the confidence and control that you need to run your business securely. It is one of the most secure and flexible cloud computing technology. RSK-BSL provides its clients with the latest AWS technology and helps you with the security services that it offers. With AWS you can secure your data with more flexibility as it allows you to automate manual security so that you can grow and innovate your business. We at RSK-BSL provide you with cloud services as per your data needs. It is an investment that will benefit you in the coming years. We are here to guide you and give you the best business solutions. AWS helps you grow your business with the highest standards of security and Data protection. Whereas, we also provide penetration testing services for foolproof cyber security.

AWS Security AWS Security
Azure Security Azure Security
Azure Security

Azure offers Speed Of Service, Enhanced Flexibility, Security and Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Azure is another platform where you can build your applications. Build, manage & run applications across multiple clouds with tools and framework of your choice. Azure provides higher security and is cost-effective compared to other cloud services. Azure gives your data, multi-cloud data security thus encrypting your data to the maximum. Its unparalleled security encryption helps you identify evolving threats at an early stage. The expertise in RSK-BSL and Azure cloud security benefits, will help you scale your business. Digitization and competition have given cloud services a boost and companies are working to make the cloud better and secure for your data and applications.

Secure Cloud Migration

A reliable way to modernize and reduce infrastructure expenses

Migration to the cloud means when a company moves some or most of its Data Center capabilities into the cloud. The service providers for the cloud are AWS, Azure and Google Cloud and their responsibility is to protect the infrastructure that runs the services on the cloud. AWS is responsible for securing its physical infrastructure. This includes the physical servers and networking and their virtualization technology. Azure on the other hand provides the hybrid benefit that reduces the cost of running your workload into the cloud. Both AWS and Azure focus on the web to cloud migration because migration to the cloud is beneficial in many ways like increased agility and flexibility, faster innovation and security of applications.

Secure Cloud Migration Secure Cloud Migration
Web Application Security

Authorization, Encryption and Protection of Data and Website

Application security is the process of Authentication, Authorization and Encryption. It provides security against applications that are vulnerable to threats and attacks. Web Application security is to prevent websites from any attacks. We at RSK-BSL make sure that your web application is safe against any threats or attacks. We provide you with tools, and strong authentication and perform continuous security testing. We use security systems such as firewalls, web application firewalls (WAF), and intrusion prevention systems (IPS).

Web Application Security Web Application Security
Secure Application Development Secure Application Development
Secure Application Development

A Secure Software Development Lifecycle by implementing security at each Phase.

Application security is your best defense against the hackers who want your organization’s data. Secure application development provides security at every stage of development. A secure SDLC will consistently generate the following benefits for your company: Removal of design errors before they are embedded in the code. By building security into your software development lifecycle from day one, however, along with the right combination of efforts, you can reduce the chance of a breach. Tools can greatly reduce the burden on developers, who are unlikely to know every possible security weakness in a given environment.

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We provide the latest cloud migration services and app building platforms

We at RSK-BSL have a market experience of more than 10 years, our aim and focus are to provide our clients with services like digitization, transformation and migration to the latest technology.
RSK-BSL security expertise will definitely help your applications stay safe from any attacks or threats. Our team works at every phase of the development cycle.

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