Software Development

It is a process programmers use to build a computer program. We provide our clients with different app development techniques.

Software Development Software Development
Web Application development

Custom made web applications and Support and maintenance round the clock

RSK-BSL is a premier software development company that completely focuses on functional, robust and expandable web applications. We provide you with custom web apps that are totally as per your requirements. It is the creation of programs that are on remote servers. A web app is not downloaded but can be accessed through a network. Our expert team helps you build custom web applications using the latest developing tools. We help in creating a content management system (CMS) for the web. We help you design various e-commerce websites that help you stand out from your competitors. In nutshell, we provide you with competitive web development solutions in promised time and commitment.

Web Application Development Web Application Development
Hybrid mobile app development Hybrid mobile app development
Hybrid mobile app development

Platform-Friendly and Cost-Effective App Development Solution

The Business environment is uncertain these days therefore developers create a single code that works for all platforms. It means that they can write code once and can run it on multiple platforms. Hybrid code is written using languages like CSS, HTML5 and javascript. It is a combination of both web and native mobile applications. The best part of such applications is that they can use any device’s in-built features. Native mobile development is costly and is not platform friendly whereas hybrid is cost-effective and runs on any platform. It takes less time to create and manage them. We at RSK-BSL provide you with the latest and best mobile app development.

Agile Software development

A Set of Frameworks and Practices and the Flexibility of Agile is what we offer

We at RSK-BSL provide agile software development as it is the most used and productive development methodology. It is a mindset of transparency, adaption and inspection. It is a collaboration of all those involved in the development. Scrum meetings take place among the development team members on a regular basis. It provides tangible results, customer satisfaction and stays on budget. Agile helps you adapt to change easily and accelerates software development and reduces cost. Our team provides you with round the clock support. Your agile software development requires a professional just like us.

Web Application Development Web Application Development
Hybrid mobile app development Hybrid mobile app development
Independent QA/testing

Ensure High Quality and Assurance with RSK-BSL Independent testing and QA

The digital wave has brought in various new scopes like social platforms, mobile applications and cloud and this led testing to a very important checkpoint in development. It keeps a check on whether the requirements are made according to the layout or not. The smooth functioning of an app is what testing determines. We offer QA consulting service with proven methodologies that helps businesses lay a strong, strategic and cost-effective mark in the requirements regulatory. RSK-BSL have 10+ years of experience in providing the development testing by the programmer as well as integrated testing as per your business needs.

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The complete software solution

We at RSK-BSL strive towards resolving complex business solutions. Driven by a strong force of over 100 talented professionals, we have an excellent track record of successful project delivery.


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Support & Maintenance

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