Top things to consider while developing a bespoke web application
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Top things to consider while developing a bespoke web application

Posted By Praveen Joshi

May 6th, 2022

Top things to consider while developing a bespoke web application

When done correctly, a web application can easily turn into a data collection or reporting tool.

But if you miss the mark, it will end up being a bag of worms:
Scattered here and there with an unending streak of tweaks and errors that will
take most of your time and money.

Often when we talk about building a web application, people tend to focus more on the look and feel of it than the build.

While both of them are equally important, we decided to take you through the Functional and Non-Functional Requirements while building a web portal


  • Business requirements
  • Data collection
  • Reporting/dashboard


  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Usability

Many times, the physicality of the bespoke web application takes the lead but does that mean you shouldn’t pay attention to what’s inside the engine?

Absolutely Not!

So let’s us help you change the way you approach building your website:

1. Identify who your users are

This seems like an easy task, isn’t it?
But you’ll be surprised to know that so many websites are made without a proper user profile analysis. It is important to delve deep into knowing who are your target audience, how often they visit your site and why are they visiting. If you know this, you can easily revamp your site to better their needs with ease.

2. Select the appropriate technology stack

Every business has certain requirements that need to be met. Make sure you pick appropriate technology stack. Don’t pick technology simply based on in-house skillset. Look to pick something, which you can scale over the coming years. You can also get a software outsourcing partner to suggest technical stack with a detailed system architecture.

3. Have a concise Visual brand document

Having concise visual brand guidelines helps the design team to layout a clear picture of your website. The more clear, consistent, and contemporary your branding is, the more visually attractive your website will look. It’s always better to send over the visual brand guidelines to the vendor priorly so that your website aligns with your business vision.

4. Consider making Mobile a priority

In 2021 and beyond, no business should be making web application that are not mobile-first. Your users are everywhere. You want to ensure that your design is optimized for visitors who will be accessing the site from a tablet or cell phone. A sensory and mobile-first design is vital for your website present on the internet today.

5. Build for scalability

While you are making a web application today, don’t forget to make it scalable. Let’s say a few months after your web application is built, there are a few functions that you require but don’t have the ability to add them. Why? Because you didn’t focus upon the scalability of your website. Having a back up and a back up plan, both are equally important to make your website scalable!

We hope you now will keep in mind all the above points discussed. Keep in mind to get a bespoke web application developed that serves your business requirement and also aligns with your business goals. Do get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about our website development portfolio.

Praveen Joshi

Praveen is a seasoned IT Solutions Leader and Director at RSK Business Solutions, a technology-driven IT Consulting Company that specializes in Bespoke Software Development, Agile Consulting, Mobile App Development, Smart Sourcing, and much more. For the last 17 years, he has been delivering quality custom IT solutions that help businesses achieve their goals.

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