Trends in IT Team Augmentation Services in 2022
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Trends in IT Team Augmentation Services in 2022

Posted By Praveen Joshi

July 14th, 2022

Trends in IT Team Augmentation Services

IT Team Augmentation is a popular term nowadays. Just like other software outsourcing services it extends the software development teams for good. Staff Augmentation is all about hiring temporary offshore staff with desired skills to work together with your in-house teams. For instance, suppose a business needs a team of researchers. They will hire staff with adequate skills offshore. Most often, they do it through a third-party staffing partner.  

Similarly, for IT staff augmentation, companies will hire people having relevant skills. These skills will include development, designing, programming, and technical expertise. Moreover, it is a trending methodology that is affected by current trends.  

Top Trends in IT Team Augmentation 2022 

There were quite a few things that the world saw in the COVID pandemic. Although most of them are not affecting our lives now. But you can see some of the glimpses of the pandemic effects in 2022 as well. You will get a feel of it in the following trends in IT team augmentation services… 

1. Hybrid working module 

Working from home is not something that the world didn’t see before. However, the pandemic scaled it up. IT is the perfect domain among all to incorporate the work-from-home methodology. Even now, when the lockdown is not there, a lot of IT companies are allowing WFH. The hybrid work module gives great hiring flexibility to the software outsourcing services.  

2. The increase in hiring radius 

Businesses all over the world are now willing to hire staff with the necessary skills. What’s trending about that, you might wonder. The trending part is that now the geographical location is not a barrier in hiring. IT companies are willing to go the extra mile to hire the right sort of staff. For example, IT bigwigs in Silicon Valley are hiring developers and tech experts from all over Europe and Asia.  

3. Integrating technology in recruitment  

Although there is nothing surprising about the use of cutting-edge technology in the IT industry. It is just routine there. But the integration of smart technologies into the hiring process does ring a bell. Earlier, there were a lot of data-driven questions that HR need to handle. Now, the introduction of technologies like Programmatic Job Advertisements, Natural Language Processing, and AI has made the task easier. This gives HR enough space to put relationship-building among employees on top priority.  

4. Unprecedented rise in non-traditional hirings 

More and more organizations are jumping into the IT arena. This is creating a need for a workforce having relevant skills. To meet the high demands, IT companies are preferring skills before formal education. Even the major players like Google and Amazon have suspended the degree requirements for jobs. As a result, people not having a diploma, but having adequate talent are getting jobs now. 

5. The Great Resignation  

Most of the trends are about having a positive impact on the IT industry and software outsourcing services. But there are certain trends that are creating some negativity around the corner. The Great Resignation is certainly one among them. Several reasons might induce a resignation. Needing a change, salary issues, work profile, stress, and new variants of COVID as well. But resignations in the count of millions are still not normal. Seems like it has become difficult to attract skilled IT workers. And even harder to retain them.  

6. Getting more than cost saving 

Methodologies like software outsourcing services do save money. In addition, they get you more. The flexible work-timings according to the client requirement has a lot to offer. It improves your service quality and customer support. Hiring the staff having a cultural understanding of the geographical domain of your business also helps. It smoothens all sorts of communication.  

7. Increase in need for cyber security 

It does not matter if you are an IT Conglomerate of an offshore outsourcing software development company. They all use systems, networks, or some sort of IT cyberinfrastructure. Cyber attacks on this kind of infrastructure have increased rapidly in the last few years. This expanding threat landscape for IT companies has increased the need for cyber security. With proper cybersecurity measures, the company’s security posture is weak. And that makes it susceptible to attacks. 

Increase in need for cyber security

Reasons why IT Team Augmentation is seeing a rise 

IT Augmentation and software outsourcing services are seeing an unprecedented rise in their demand among organizations. The key reason for that is the number of perks and benefits these services have to offer. Several benefits of IT Team Augmentation are: 

  • High Productivity: Staff augmentation gives you better output than any other such methodology including software outsourcing services. It is because all the resources are only allocated to work on your project during the contract length. 
  • Skilled Teams: Creating a skilled team becomes easier as augmentation removes certain barriers while hiring. Also, you have a mix of in-house and off-site staff in the team.  
  • Flexibility: Scaling up and down the team size according to the project requirements is quite easy.  
  • Easy Hiring: The hiring process is also easy here. It is because of a large pool of talented candidates out there. You can find resources for your project without much of a hassle. 
  • Cost-Effective: You don’t need to worry about administrative and operational expenses. Hence, the total cost of your project is effectively cut down. 

The Final Word 

However, there are some negative trends like resignation issues and cyber-attacks. But the IT Team Augmentation Services trends show the way to progress in general. It has a good scope like all other offshoring techniques including software outsourcing services. Working with an offshore outsourcing software development company can give you great results on your projects. Although you need to maneuver through some dependencies and cultural differences. But seeing the outcomes, it is all worth it. 


Praveen Joshi

Praveen is a seasoned IT Solutions Leader and Director at RSK Business Solutions, a technology-driven IT Consulting Company that specializes in Bespoke Software Development, Agile Consulting, Mobile App Development, Smart Sourcing, and much more. For the last 17 years, he has been delivering quality custom IT solutions that help businesses achieve their goals.

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